New Funny Pictures

Ever realize...
Barber: What do you want?
Me this Valentine's Day
Picture of newborn baby Guy Fieri
I've decided that my 2017 is going to start February 1st
OMG hahahaha literally just spit out my food reading that
Tell us, what is accounting?
Do not bite a hand that feed you but nibble ok
How strong gamers can be...
Get the feeling my gecko doesn't like me
Do you have a girlfriend dude?
My son looks more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter
Pajamas. All day.
I told him I wanted to talk down the aisle
You're asking for a pretty high salary!
Without immigration Trump would have no wives!
When you finally meet the girl of your dreams
My trying to justify all the terrible things I've ever said and done
I'm just a girl
Most important image on the internet
I bought you camouflage!
I wish I loved exercise as much as I love drinking wine and eating everything
My favorite machine at the gym
Eggs are fantastic for a fitness diet
Any plans for today?
Highschool Teacher VS College Professor
Hey, such a cute baby, How old is she?
Do you want to go the gym with me?
Spaghetti is now illegal!
How about t a ride?