New Funny Pictures

Give this kid a medal!
I never knew how poor my family was
I bet if you asked her how old her dog was she'd tell you in months
When you see someone in public
My trying to remember someone's name two seconds after they tell it to me
When ur friends takes u to a party and leaves u alone with people u don't know
First and LAST time we give her catnip
My hands look like this so hers can look like this
Maturity is overrated
What my future looks like at 2 AM after the bars close
Son, when life gives you to someone
Father of the year award goes to...
Never date a guy with six packs!
You will go to school almost every day for the next 17 years
When you ask her what's wrong and she says "NOTHING"
I'm never drinking again
My dog put his face in the snow
I put this donut pillow on my dog 20 minutes ago
When someone posts a photo of a puppy doing anything
These people have a water slide from their house to the lake
Why did I laugh at this
When the person next to you is chomping on their gum with their mouth open
When you've been dieting for 3 hours but you're still not skinny
I miss the old MTV
I'd like yall to pray for my homie charlie
Want to feel old?
Best lock screen ever
This funeral home gives zero fu**s
Amazong - overheard at Whole Foods
When you send a risky text but then that ... shows up